The power of interim leadership in family businesses

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For family-owned businesses, change can be both exciting and daunting. Whether it’s expanding into new markets, implementing new technologies, or navigating succession planning, these pivotal moments often require an injection of fresh expertise and perspective. This is where interim executives can prove invaluable, offering a blend of experience, objectivity, and specialised skills to help guide […]

A guide for family business leaders hiring technology executives

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With rapid technological advancements and digital disruption still dominating many strategic conversations, family businesses may find themselves faced with a situation where innovation is both a threat and an opportunity. How, then, can family businesses thrive in this ever-changing landscape?     The key lies in embracing agility and adaptability. Central to this is hiring […]

How is AI reshaping leadership and talent requirements?

Foreword Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s rapidly becoming a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, fundamentally reshaping leadership and business operations. This isn’t just another fleeting tech trend; AI is a revolution. Forget the doomsday scenarios of robots stealing jobs. Instead, AI emerges to amplify human ingenuity, automating […]

Understanding the power of your leadership shadow

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Have you ever stopped to reflect on the far-reaching impact of your leadership? As a leader, I have long recognised that my influence extends far beyond any instructions or decisions. It encompasses every action, every word, and every value I demonstrate—this is what forms my leadership shadow. This vital, yet often overlooked aspect of leadership […]

Digital infrastructure: Strong leadership fuelling Investor optimism

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The digital infrastructure sector, once a sizzling investment opportunity, faces a new reality. While a flood of cash poured in during 2021, many companies are struggling to deliver against business plans and achieve desired multiples. However, despite this, for investors with strong leadership at the helm, exciting growth opportunities remain.   As the sector steers […]

Press Release: Redgrave strengthens support for family businesses through partnership with Family Business UK

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London — Redgrave, a leading executive search, interim, and leadership advisory firm supporting business owners, families, investors, and leaders, is proud to announce its partnership with Family Business UK (FBUK), the largest organisation in the UK dedicated solely to supporting, representing and championing family business. Redgrave and FBUK recognise the immense contribution family businesses make […]

The evolving role of Chairs and Non-Executive Directors

Changing leadership competencies for a changing world The presence, expertise and contribution of non-executive board members are all critical to the success of any business. Yet there is surprisingly little debate over how their role has changed in recent years, what impact recent disruptions have had, and how people considering embarking on a non-executive career […]

Why the energy transition demands visionary leadership in Infrastructure

As the world continues to confront energy transition and its implications, the infrastructure sector finds itself at the forefront of change. The move to renewable energy, clean transportation, and sustainable practices promises a brighter and greener future. However, the magnitude of this transformation cannot be understated.   As the CEO of National Grid pointed out […]

Unleashing AI’s power to drive customer-centric change in the Retail sector

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to reshape the retail landscape, leaders are confronted with a new set of requirements. From reimagining shopping experiences to streamlining supply chains, AI is on the mind of all retail leaders given how it is transforming the industry, delivering benefits that encompass enhanced customer experiences, increased convenience, strengthened security measures, […]