Addressing the gender imbalance for CFO roles

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Diversity, equity and inclusion are much more than just buzzwords; they are essential aspects that should be integrated into every organisation’s business strategy. However, when we examine the statistics around women in senior financial roles, and discuss the issues around gender in the workplace with women who are – or have been – senior female […]

Optimism in the housing market

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The housing market is renowned for its cyclical nature, and house prices in general are seen as a barometer for the wider economy. In the last year, the market has faced distinctive challenges, ranging from inflation, mortgage rate increases and wider economic uncertainty to shifts in buyer preferences and government policies. Despite the unpredictability, the […]

Bravery in real estate: Paving the way for inclusive progress

image of part of a tall rise building.

Real estate has long been a pillar of ambition, where towering structures and expansive landscapes are symbols of human aspiration. Yet, beyond the concrete jungle and within the glass-walled facades, it’s the people who truly shape this sector. Moving away from age-old traditions, real estate is becoming a vibrant ecosystem that is driving more inclusive […]

A long-term talent strategy for success in a tough private equity market

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These are indeed intriguing times for the private equity sector. Conventional exit strategies are increasingly hard to access, courtesy of a subdued IPO market and pricier financing options. This, coupled with economic uncertainties and the accelerated pace of change, has made adaptability the need of the hour. These macroeconomic shifts are not just reshaping investment […]

Beyond the balance sheet: Culture and ethics in finance leadership

The CFO casts a wide influence over corporate operations, making decisions ranging from how ESG-linked funding effects management practices to the pace and scale of investment in new teams. As such, they play an outsized role in creating corporate culture and fostering good ethics. When assessing prospective CFOs, consideration of leadership skills and values should […]

Bridging the digital gap at the executive table

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In a world woven together by digital threads, technology is an essential component of any successful business strategy. The ability of leaders to navigate the digital landscape is now a defining factor in shaping an organisation’s future. However, a significant challenge lies in the gap that often exists between executive leadership and technology adoption. According […]

The importance of leadership in elevating equality

Black History Month

Black History Month serves not just as a tribute to the monumental achievements of Black individuals, but also as a lens through which we can contemplate the delicate role of conscientious leadership in crafting a society rooted in fairness and equity.                                                                     Black History Month is much more than a time for us all to […]

How to overcome the key challenges facing UK Boards

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Taking on your first board role is a significant milestone, marked by the anticipation of making a positive impact and shaping an organisation’s trajectory. This journey not only promises personal development and enrichment but also opens doors to an influential network and a platform to shape the global landscape.   Board roles attract individuals who […]