Understanding the power of your leadership shadow

Abstract images of leaders and their shadow -- their influence

Have you ever stopped to reflect on the far-reaching impact of your leadership? As a leader, I have long recognised that my influence extends far beyond any instructions or decisions. It encompasses every action, every word, and every value I demonstrate—this is what forms my leadership shadow. This vital, yet often overlooked aspect of leadership […]

The Power of judgment and adaptability: No one-size-fits-all approach to leadership

A wall of cubes, with select blocks highlighted in green

A recent LinkedIn post by a friend of mine gave me pause for thought. Responding to an article exploring the complex challenges of leadership, they joked: “That’s all very well. But where’s the funny cartoon about the difference between leaders and managers?” This post resonated with me. It neatly captured the over-simplistic view that people […]

Will AI impact the art and the science of Executive Search?

Identifying, attracting, and retaining talented leaders requires instinct and judgement. Blending art and science still remains the key to building a world class leadership team.   Research shows that only one in five executives hired externally are viewed as high performers at the end of their first year, and nearly half fail to deliver on […]