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In this complex and continually evolving global corporate and political environment, businesses are experiencing increased scrutiny and regulation around governance matters. Over the years we’ve seen a flurry of disasters encompassing legal, risk and compliance – underlining the need for robust leadership across each of these functions.

At the same time, the qualities needed for successful leadership in these areas are evolving at pace. No longer just the people telling senior executives why something is against the rules, these governance leaders require a firm grasp of technical aspects, they need to be pragmatic and commercially minded and they need to take an active role in driving strategy and growth.

While risk management has evolved fastest and furthest in financial services, the significance of these roles is also growing rapidly in other industries – a trend that is at its clearest in regulated sectors like utilities, telecoms and pharma.

Another trend driving the rising importance of legal, risk and compliance is the emergence and growth of the ESG agenda – mirrored by regulations ranging from the FCA’s conduct rules in finance to wider environmental legislation across every industry.

With this comes huge potential for cross-fertilisation of governance talent across sectors. Redgrave’s longstanding strength in financial services has helped build an unrivalled network of legal, risk and compliance executives. Our close collaboration between industry teams means we’re uniquely placed to find the governance talent our clients need – however tight the deadline, and wherever that talent may be located in terms of sector or geography.

We help organisations recruit and assess for a range of legal, compliance and government affairs roles, including:

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