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As one of the most vibrant and productive sectors, the Business & Professional Services industry contributes significantly to the global economy. While a hugely diverse landscape ranging from leading global accountancy and law firms to highly specialised Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) companies, there are some common trends.

First, increasing compliance obligations as the focus shifts from self-regulation to more intense external scrutiny and intervention; second, the continued advancement of technology, opening up opportunities for greater efficiency and responsiveness to customers’ needs; third, a shortage of skills creating a candidate-driven talent marketplace; and finally, there’s increasing interest and investment in UK services businesses by private equity firms– a trend that’s fuelling the need for an infusion of new commercial and leadership skills.

These factors call for cross-fertilisation of talent from other sectors. And here, Redgrave has a real advantage. As an agile and collaborative business with the energy of a start-up, we’re able to share insights and relationships seamlessly between our sector specialists ranging from tech to consumer. That means wherever the right skills for our services clients may be, we’ll find them. And we’ll find them with a rigorous focus on quality, outcomes and value.

This competitive edge applies across the five segments where we specialise, making us best placed to respond to clients’ changing demands and add long-term value to their businesses:

Whether the organisation is a global accountancy or law firm, human capital advisor or management consultancy, people are its biggest asset – and biggest expense. It’s no surprise that attracting and retaining the right talent is also its biggest challenge. The entry of more external capital is triggering new organisational structures creating a demand for different commercial skills and experience at board and executive level.
To fulfil its function as efficiently, safely and sustainably as possible, every real estate and infrastructure asset relies on a wide range of multi-disciplinary engineering and asset management service providers. These businesses and the customers they serve are facing intensifying regulatory pressures, especially around safety and sustainability. With increasing digitisation and transformation, meeting these demands means having the right skills, which in many cases can only be found in other sectors.
By its nature, this industry tends to thrive in tougher economic conditions when asset owners seek to cut costs and maximise efficiency through outsourcing. Having grown from the supply of services like cleaning and catering, the sector is quickly shifting towards more digitised total facilities management, bundling a wide range of services and delivering them at scale. This change requires new commercial skills and technology to drive profitability.
From climate change to rising regulation to intensifying consumer scrutiny, the need for environmental services is growing for companies in every industry. Ground maintenance and landscape services have leapt to prominence as businesses and local authorities focus on improving the lived environment for employees and citizens, spurring the need for skilled advisory and leadership.
As regulatory and consumer pressures intensify, brands have to demonstrate that their promises stand up to scrutiny. This has spawned a whole industry of providers specialising in measuring, recording and attesting to the veracity of companies’ performance statements, especially on environmental impact. The sector’s rapid growth has made it another attractive target for external capital, increasing the need for management skills.

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