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As consumer and commercial needs have evolved, so have the requirements for our physical environment. While the verticals across real assets have historically been relatively well-defined and linear in the way they have operated, the way people work and live has led to the transformation of the sector. Increasingly, we’re seeing the boundaries between these verticals blurring at an accelerated pace. For example, housebuilders are setting up digital-fibre businesses, or gas companies repurposing obsolete storage sites as residential property.

With traditional strategies and approaches becoming less suitable, we’ve also found that the boundaries between these verticals are breaking down at the talent agenda level – and Redgrave is helping this happen. Our real assets team has a deep specialism in each vertical – from real estate to construction and from digital infrastructure to energy to transport – and a dedication to serving clients across the spectrum.

We’re modernising our thinking to test and challenge the old divisions and get the best possible outcome. The need to attract the skilled and diverse workforce required for success in a fast-changing environment, where the customer experience is ever more important – and competition for young tech-savvy talent is high – remains one of the biggest talent obstacles.

While improving diversity takes time, we’re making great strides with a completely inclusive approach to Search. To support this, we host a quarterly event for female leaders in the industry, and we’ve forged partnerships with several charities in this space.

At the same time, centred around our deep understanding of the market, we work internationally from our UK hub, applying local focus and global reach across our network to source the Board and ExCo talent that our clients seek. And while our client base reflects Redgrave’s renowned strength in serving private equity houses, we also work with growing numbers of listed and privately-owned companies, as well as many public sector and not-for-profit clients.

What we’re exceptionally good at is finding those transferable skills that are particularly strong outside the industry and which clients want brought into their businesses. Two CEO hires bring this to life – one joined a student accommodation business from a major fitness chain, and another moved to a property consultancy from a food retailer. Both candidates joined from outside the industry bringing with them a strong track-record in optimising the customer experience and diverse thinking.

The evolution of the real assets landscape means businesses need leadership that is pragmatic, flexible and forward thinking. Whether you’re a start-up, growing your business or dealing with change, we can help you identify the right talent to take you on that journey.

As technology continues to open up new possibilities for the industry, it’s ideally placed to have an increasingly positive impact on people’s lives, and attract ambitious talent energised by the opportunity to do this. Put simply, real assets is a sector on the rise.

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