About Us

We Believe That Great Leaders Are The Key To Building A Fair And Sustainable World For Us Now, And For Those To Come. It’s Our Job To Find Those Great Leaders

We work hard, and we listen, challenge and communicate honestly. Our close, trusted relationships mean clients often see us as an extension of their team. 

Grounded by our commitment, resilience and transparency, we don’t drag our feet when it comes to delivering transformational results. Our flexible approach means we go the extra mile. Every time.

Our culture

What distinguishes us from the rest of the industry is our people. We’ve built a diverse culture of people with different backgrounds and who’ve had different educational experience and life circumstances.
By blending humanity with purpose, we’ve created a working environment that’s inclusive, supportive and impact driven. Fostering a sense of collaboration and caring, we have a strong apprenticeship model and view our success in terms of our collective endeavours and shared outcomes.

It’s this make up that enables us to respond to our clients’ people-related challenges, supporting them to build a solid organisational structure and achieve genuine impact.

I have worked with Redgrave a number of times over the last few years; engaging them at a crucial point of our company’s evolution to appoint board-level executives and to assess our senior leaders as we develop our internal talent. On each occasion they have been flexible and supportive, working tenaciously and thinking creatively to deliver each project, and their appointments are making a real difference in shaping our future business strategy.
Noble Foods
Redgrave are professional, personable and easy to work with. Offering real advisory, they go beyond the stereotype to find people who are functional experts but equally are the right cultural fit. I would recommend them as a trusted partner when trying to find talented leaders for your business.

Our values

At the core of everything we stand for, is people: our people, our future people, our clients, and our candidates.

We put the right people in our business to help our clients find the right people for their business. United by a strong set of values and sense of purpose, we believe it’s always best to speak our minds – so we say it how it is. It’s what our clients, candidates and people value most.


Having started his business career in the industrial and business services sectors, Paul Burnell knows from experience what it takes to perform at the highest level. As our CEO, he advises clients on their most pressing people challenges to help them achieve their full potential at a global level.

To create success, it's essential to build a solid organisational structure that empowers everyone to make smart decisions and execute them effectively, one where they are supported by open and transparent leadership.
Paul Burnell, CEO, Redgrave


We are committed to creating equal opportunities within the workplace, where every individual is chosen for their abilities and is treated with kindness and fairness. We don’t set out to find people like us, but rather people who complement us – and we celebrate our differences. We then bring the same advantage to our clients by helping them deliver on their goals across every dimension of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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