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Commercial leaders, much like many other functional experts, have seen their roles change beyond recognition as the business world has become increasingly digital.

Digital advancements across the sales and marketing function have led to a better understanding of human behaviour, resulting in enhanced personalisation and targeting. Budgets are invested more strategically, with decisions supported by data.

This progression has seen an evolution in the expectations of sales and marketing executives, with a merging of sales and marketing into a broader commercial function – an approach intended to ensure sales and marketing teams work more efficiently together, adding greater consistency to the buying journey.

This development has brought on the emergence of the Chief Revenue Officer. With accountability for leveraging all marketing and sales channels and ensuring alignment of the commercial strategy to the company’s vision, the Chief Revenue Officer owns the end-to-end customer and revenue journeys, from brand building to lead generation and lead conversion.

As a cross-sector search firm, with deep expertise in commercial roles, Redgrave brings an international network of talent in senior commercial and strategy roles – whether a data-savvy, ROI-conscious CMO or a Chief Revenue Officer who is driving better integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions.

Our existing networks, combined with our proven methodology, support our ability to move at pace, helping our clients access and engage those commercial leaders best able to operate in a modern, technology and data-led fashion.

We help clients recruit for a broad range of commercial roles including:

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