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Why do some leaders flourish and elevate an organisation, while others seem to struggle? If your answer leans solely on skills and experience, it’s time to widen the lens. At Redgrave, we believe leadership success is a nuanced combination of attitude, behaviour, and an ability to resonate with an organisation’s core values, stakeholders, and teams.


Human-Centric Assessments

Conventional assessments can miss nuances vital to leadership effectiveness, offering only a narrow view of a candidate’s fit within an organisation. At Redgrave, our assessments build on insights from talent analytics and psychometrics with a human touch and the professional judgement of our experienced leadership consultants. Scrutinising the data and align it with what our clients specifically seek in leaders, our holistic approach digs into each candidate’s behavioural complexities to reveal their true leadership potential.

Our seasoned assessment specialists and chartered psychologists employ a proprietary leadership model and an evidence-backed methodology. Through a blend of rigorous research, state-of-the-art psychometrics, and unparalleled commercial insight, we offer our clients support in three distinct areas:

  1. Elevating Candidate Selection: Assessing final round candidates to ensure not just aptitude but also attitude, helping you make informed selections.
  2. Employee development: Tailored development plans to nurture the leadership potential within your existing talent pool.
  3. Leadership Team Dynamics: Comprehensive evaluation, including due diligence for private equity investors both pre- and post-deal, ensuring that your leadership team’s capabilities are in harmony with your strategic goals.


In a crowded arena of assessment services, two qualities distinguish Redgrave from the pack. First is our pragmatic approach. We adapt our assessments to meet your specific business imperatives, resulting in actionable insights that simplify the decision-making process. Secondly, we place immense value on a positive candidate experience, ensuring that each individual finds the assessment process to be enriching and constructive.

Before committing to any senior appointments, a pause for reflection is crucial: are you making the right choice, and is this leader poised for success? Our executive assessment services offer you more than just answers. We provide the insight to make decisions that align with your corporate vision and values, thereby setting your leadership appointments on a course for meaningful impact.

In a world where the call for diversity and environmental stewardship is louder than ever, it’s imperative that your leaders are aligned with these ideals. Our assessments not only gauge leadership capability but also probe for a strong commitment to diversity and sustainable practices. This ensures that your executive team will not just be effective in their roles but will also be ambassadors for values that resonate in today’s global landscape.

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