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Why do some leaders succeed while others fail? If you think it’s purely down to experience or knowledge, think again. Rather it comes down to leadership behaviours that are out of step with the organisation or a lack of alignment with stakeholders and colleagues.

That’s why a vital aspect of recruiting an individual for an executive role – or promoting someone internally – is knowing how they’ll behave as a leader and perform once they’re in the post. This is a key component of our executive assessment process. Because after that point, any mismatch between their individual strengths and those they’re lacking will become all too apparent. And it likely won’t end well.

To avoid such scenarios, our assessment specialists and chartered psychologists have developed a proprietary leadership model and proven methodology that draws on research, leading-edge psychometrics and our commercial experience. We support our clients in three ways: assessing final round candidates in selection processes, supporting employees’ development planning, and finally assessing the capability of leadership teams, including helping private equity investors with pre and post-deal management due diligence.

In a crowded market for assessment services, two qualities set Redgrave apart as a premier executive assessment firm. First, pragmatism, which ensures that our assessments match each client’s unique business needs. This enables us to provide clear and relevant outputs that make hiring decisions easier. Second, our commitment to a positive candidate experience, ensuring everyone gets value from the process.

Before making any senior hires, you should pause and ask: are we making the right choice, and are we setting this appointment up to succeed? Our executive assessment team at Redgrave will help you find the answers.

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