Addressing the gender imbalance for CFO roles

Painting of a woman surrounded by flowers

Diversity, equity and inclusion are much more than just buzzwords; they are essential aspects that should be integrated into every organisation’s business strategy. However, when we examine the statistics around women in senior financial roles, and discuss the issues around gender in the workplace with women who are – or have been – senior female […]

Beyond the balance sheet: Culture and ethics in finance leadership

The CFO casts a wide influence over corporate operations, making decisions ranging from how ESG-linked funding effects management practices to the pace and scale of investment in new teams. As such, they play an outsized role in creating corporate culture and fostering good ethics. When assessing prospective CFOs, consideration of leadership skills and values should […]

Taking the lead in private equity

With privately held assets on the rise globally and turmoil in the public markets, value creation opportunities continue to multiply across private equity portfolios. The same applies to leadership opportunities for senior executives within the private equity (PE) landscape.   Increasingly private equity-backed firms are looking for forward-thinking leaders who are agile, collaborative and demonstrate […]

Building Diverse Leadership Teams

Creating diverse Boards is both a commercial and a moral imperative. Studies by McKinsey have found that companies with diverse Boards are more likely to be profitable than non-diverse ones. Businesses in the top quartile of gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to experience above-average profitability than peer companies in the […]