Optimism in the housing market

Cropped image of a row of houses

The housing market is renowned for its cyclical nature, and house prices in general are seen as a barometer for the wider economy. In the last year, the market has faced distinctive challenges, ranging from inflation, mortgage rate increases and wider economic uncertainty to shifts in buyer preferences and government policies. Despite the unpredictability, the […]

Bravery in real estate: Paving the way for inclusive progress

image of part of a tall rise building.

Real estate has long been a pillar of ambition, where towering structures and expansive landscapes are symbols of human aspiration. Yet, beyond the concrete jungle and within the glass-walled facades, it’s the people who truly shape this sector. Moving away from age-old traditions, real estate is becoming a vibrant ecosystem that is driving more inclusive […]

The future of real estate and property: Implications for leadership

Bird's eye view of houses.

The real estate industry has always had the ability to evolve to the changing needs of society and economic fluctuations. As businesses navigate a world marked by rapid technological advancements, demographic shifts, and unforeseen global events, the industry finds itself in the middle of a transformation. The fluidity of the industry is showing in new […]

Press release: Charlotte John joins Redgrave’s Real Estate and Property team

London – Redgrave, a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm supporting business owners, investors, and leaders, is thrilled to announce the addition of Charlotte John to their team. With her extensive experience in recruitment and real estate, Charlotte will play a pivotal role in further expanding Redgrave’s services and helping clients source top-tier talent. […]

The new era for UK infrastructure requires a fresh infusion of leadership skills

In 2020, Sir John Armitt, Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, was speaking to MPs on the All-Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure. His comments on skills in the sector were particularly revealing. “At present, there is an insufficiently joined-up approach to infrastructure skills development in the UK, with a wide range of responsible bodies operating across different […]