Learning more about our people: Anastasia Belinskaya, Senior Partner, Head of Industrials

Who is Redgrave?

Redgrave is a global Executives Search firm that was set up nearly 20 year now, and we grew out of out desire to do things differently.

We felt that the old school Search industry wasn’t really listening to their clients and wasn’t moving with the times.

So we set out to do it differently.

What makes Redgrave Special?

What makes Redgrave’s special is that we put our clients first.

It’s a grossly overused phrase, and I’m sure every Search firm would say exactly the same but we have over 100 years of collective experience among just Partner alone.

We have learned over all of those years that if you put your clients first, if you care most about delivering successfully on what your clients need, then everything else, your profitability, your happy workforce, your volume of work, your reputation, all of that follows.

Just for as long as you keep the client at the absolute forefront of your mind.

What set Redgrave apart within private equity

What sets us apart with private equity is that who we are, how we work, the whole of our modus operandi, is very close to that of private equity.

Therefore, intrinsically we know what they want. We know how they think. We understand the need for speed and we’ve seen a lot of issues that they come across or that search professionals come across when they work with private equity. Whether it’s misalignment between management and the private equity shareholders, or whether it’s management concerns about the timing of the exit – whatever it may be, we’ve seen it all. We understand what’s important to them and that’s what gives us that great alignment with private equity. It’s what we believe makes us successful, however complex or unusual the mandate can be.

What do you enjoy most about working at Redgrave

It’s a combination of two things: it’s people and the job itself.

In terms of people, I join the firm on the strength of the Partners in the firm who I met and genuinely liked their energy, their enthusiasm, their passion for what they do, their passion for their clients.

I found that incredibly refreshing and I found that was aligned with my own thoughts of the job, my own desires and what I really wanted to do.

In term of the job, what I like is the freedom. For me that means freedom to focus on what really matters – which is your job, your clients, and your team – as opposed to getting distracted by internal politics, revenue sharing, or whatever else might be happening in other organisations. We are free to focus on what we’re here to do, which is deliver work for our clients.

What is your favourite cuisine?

My favourite cuisine at the moment is Japanese cuisine. I’ve always like it, but on the back of me being incredibly lucky to have had a trip to Japan over Easter, we travelled around the country and we tried all sorts for cuisine. Things like Omakase where you leave it up to the chef to bring to you whatever he decides to cook that day. For somebody like myself who’s pretty regimented and not particularly trustful of the food that’s being served to me, that was liberating and it ended up being a fantastic experience. It’s an incredibly important part of their culture, which we loved, and its also a very chilled way of spending your evening.

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