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Today, up to 90% of companies’ overall ESG risk resides in their supply chains. It’s hardly surprising then that supply chain and procurement teams are in the spotlight like never before.

As well as underpinning the efficiency, resilience and responsiveness of their organisations, both of these functions are critical to sustainability performance – which is increasingly under scrutiny from investors, regulators and consumers.

Although sustainability is a core concern, it’s far from being the only challenge. Since the pandemic, disruption to supply chains has piled pressure on procurement leaders, who are now having to reimagine extended value chains to boost agility and future-readiness.

We identify and introduce exceptional talent with the specific skills our clients need – often including best-in-class know-how which is transferrable from other sectors. We help our clients realise extraordinary benefits by thinking laterally and recruiting outside industry boundaries.

Our team at Redgrave is at the forefront of supporting diversity and inclusion across these historically traditional roles. We help find executives who offer diversity of perspective and who can minimise risk and avoid disruption in the supply chain.

While we uncover leaders who can contribute to sustainable solutions within supply chains and procurement processes, we are increasingly asked to search for talent that can step into a chief sustainability officer (CSO) role. Just as procurement and supply chain leadership roles have evolved to sit alongside the CFO, CSOs increasingly carry greater strategic importance on the ExCo.

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