The evolving role of Chairs and Non-Executive Directors

Changing leadership competencies for a changing world The presence, expertise and contribution of non-executive board members are all critical to the success of any business. Yet there is surprisingly little debate over how their role has changed in recent years, what impact recent disruptions have had, and how people considering embarking on a non-executive career […]

Optimism for the year ahead

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Having returned to the office following a much-needed festive break, it feels appropriate to take a moment to reflect on both the challenges and the achievements that shaped 2023. For many people last year felt like an unstable rollercoaster at times, with a series of interconnected events testing our resilience on a fairly constant basis, […]

The importance of leadership in elevating equality

Black History Month

Black History Month serves not just as a tribute to the monumental achievements of Black individuals, but also as a lens through which we can contemplate the delicate role of conscientious leadership in crafting a society rooted in fairness and equity.                                                                     Black History Month is much more than a time for us all to […]

How to overcome the key challenges facing UK Boards

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Taking on your first board role is a significant milestone, marked by the anticipation of making a positive impact and shaping an organisation’s trajectory. This journey not only promises personal development and enrichment but also opens doors to an influential network and a platform to shape the global landscape.   Board roles attract individuals who […]

The importance of effective leadership teams

Coloured steps demonstrating layers in a leadership team

Business success is rarely a product of individual genius and wisdom. More often it comes from the collaborative synergy of highly effective teams. Years of substantive research have consistently drawn a solid connection between an organisation’s performance and the effectiveness of its leadership team. These insights highlight the importance of fostering teamwork, especially at the […]

Unleashing the power of introverted leadership

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Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with, and for, a diverse range of leaders, each of whom possess unique traits and approaches to leadership. One of many lessons to come from this experience is the realisation that great leaders can emerge from very different backgrounds and can have very different styles […]

The importance of investing in people: prioritising kindness in the workplace

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In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of business, companies that foster a positive culture, and prioritise kindness towards their employees have a clear advantage. Building effective teams goes beyond just assembling talented individuals. It requires a deliberate focus on cultivating a strong culture that values kindness, empathy, and support. When employees feel a sense […]

Prospects for improving the UK’s rate of growth and productivity

View of a London skyline

During our recent Chair dinner, serious concerns were raised about the country’s current prospects for economic growth and productivity. Issues such as the lack of diversity in leadership, declining trust in institutions, the impact of Brexit, the cost of capital, and ongoing shortages of labour all require additional attention from government. Additionally, the inadequate levels […]

Taking the lead in private equity

With privately held assets on the rise globally and turmoil in the public markets, value creation opportunities continue to multiply across private equity portfolios. The same applies to leadership opportunities for senior executives within the private equity (PE) landscape.   Increasingly private equity-backed firms are looking for forward-thinking leaders who are agile, collaborative and demonstrate […]