Leading the way to a more diverse and inclusive future in consumer-facing industries

The drive to improve workplace equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is an increasing priority for companies across the broad-ranging hospitality, travel and leisure sector. It’s a commitment that’s deeply shared by Redgrave.   To explore how consumer-facing businesses can turn this aspiration into reality, I interviewed Tea Colaianni, a passionate EDI advocate and leader who […]

Cultivating culture: The retail revolution

Company culture goes far beyond the office perks and harmonious workplace relationships. It’s the beating heart of your organisation, defining daily operations and shaping customer experience. In today’s dynamic retail landscape, a strong culture isn’t just a nicety, it’s a necessity for engagement and competitive edge.     Why Culture Matters in retail The transformative […]

Unleashing AI’s power to drive customer-centric change in the Retail sector

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to reshape the retail landscape, leaders are confronted with a new set of requirements. From reimagining shopping experiences to streamlining supply chains, AI is on the mind of all retail leaders given how it is transforming the industry, delivering benefits that encompass enhanced customer experiences, increased convenience, strengthened security measures, […]

Leading the way to sustainable travel

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One of the most significant contributors to climate change and environmental degradation is travel, particularly air travel, which generates substantial greenhouse gas emissions. Recognising their role in this global issue, many leaders in the travel industry are now championing sustainable practices. By reducing carbon footprints, conserving water resources, and safeguarding biodiversity, both travellers and industry […]

Press Release: Redgrave Welcomes Oliver Caines, Expanding Their Executive Search Expertise in the Retail Sector

London, UK – Redgrave, a leading executive search, interim and leadership advisory firm known for its commitment to connecting exceptional leaders with transformative opportunities, is delighted to announce that Oliver Caines joins the firm. Oliver, an experienced search professional with more than ten years’ industry experience, will join the Retail practice at Redgrave, bringing in-depth […]

Press release: Redgrave Expands Consumer Practice With Appointment of Imogen Seear, Who Re-Joins As Principal

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London — Redgrave, a leading executive search, interim and leadership advisory firm supporting business owners, investors, and leaders, is delighted to announce the return of Imogen Seear. Imogen re-joins Redgrave, bringing deep expertise in the Travel and Lifestyle sectors. Imogen’s expertise extends beyond the Travel and Lifestyle sectors, encompassing premium brands across fashion and beauty, […]

Key considerations for effective leadership in the Luxury, Fashion, and Beauty market

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Luxury, fashion, and beauty: where innovation and evolution meet. To thrive in this vibrant and ever-changing landscape, leaders must embrace emerging trends, constantly refining their strategic compass to maintain their competitive edge and ensure unwavering relevance. Proactively identifying emerging consumer demands and market shifts is crucial, as is the ability to pivot business models and […]

The CPG Industry: The more things change the more they stay the same

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The world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), in particular Food & Drink, has been challenged with turbulence and disruption for decades. Foot & Mouth, Edwina’s Egg Aversion, Horsemeat, the GFC and a constant downward pressure on price from the most competitive supermarket industry in the world have resulted in management teams that have found their […]