Digital infrastructure: Strong leadership fuelling Investor optimism

Digital infrastructure

The digital infrastructure sector, once a sizzling investment opportunity, faces a new reality. While a flood of cash poured in during 2021, many companies are struggling to deliver against business plans and achieve desired multiples. However, despite this, for investors with strong leadership at the helm, exciting growth opportunities remain.   As the sector steers […]

A long-term talent strategy for success in a tough private equity market

Picture of a building structure

These are indeed intriguing times for the private equity sector. Conventional exit strategies are increasingly hard to access, courtesy of a subdued IPO market and pricier financing options. This, coupled with economic uncertainties and the accelerated pace of change, has made adaptability the need of the hour. These macroeconomic shifts are not just reshaping investment […]

Refining leadership challenges across the steady industrials landscape

The industrials sector has always been a crucible of slow yet consistent transformation. Certain sectors, like technology-centric manufacturing and renewable energy, have thrived due to the rise in automation, digitalisation, and sustainability investments. On the other hand, traditional manufacturing and fossil fuel reliant industries are grappling with their own unique set of challenges as they […]

Value creation in Private Equity: The role of the Interim Executive

Image of a temporary structure, demonstrating how interim executives can support private equity firms

Eighteen months ago, there was a widespread view that private equity firms were in position to realise significant financial returns from investee companies. The stars were aligned: Low interest rates, capital markets rising, new fund raisings and attention was being focussed on deploying the deep wells of dry powder. Fast-forward to today and the landscape has changed. […]

Taking the lead in private equity

With privately held assets on the rise globally and turmoil in the public markets, value creation opportunities continue to multiply across private equity portfolios. The same applies to leadership opportunities for senior executives within the private equity (PE) landscape.   Increasingly private equity-backed firms are looking for forward-thinking leaders who are agile, collaborative and demonstrate […]